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 Compassionate Canine Training Services

Now serving the greater Milwaukee and Madison areas 


Science-Based Methods That Stick

Force Free, Positive Reinforcement Training 

Dog training doesn't have to be confusing. In fact, at Compassionate Canine, we have it down to a science. We teach dogs and their people using evidence-based, empathetic methods, not only teaching the how, but also the why. Let Darcy help you reach your goals, whether you are looking to tackle manners, build confidence in your reactive dog, or pursue advanced titles. 

With over a decade of hands-on training and handling experience, Darcy Burrow has honed the art of understanding why dogs do the things they do, and how to help them thrive with their people. Beginning as a Junior Handler, Darcy has earned titles in Conformation, Coursing, Obedience, Barn Hunt, and companion titles. Now, as a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, their passion lies in helping reactive dogs build confidence, and helping disabled handlers gain freedom through task trained service dogs. 

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