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A portrait of a border collie from the the shoulders up. He is black and white with traditional markings. He wears a red paisley bandana.

Our Services

Basic Manners and Obedience — $110/lesson

Courses designed to help your dog gain the skills required to fit in politely in your household, or wherever your adventures might take you!

Behavior Modification — $145/lesson

Courses designed to help your fearful, anxious, or aggressive dog develop the confidence needed to thrive in this big, beautiful world.

Service Dog Training — $145/lesson

Courses designed to help your service dog in training develop Public Access Skills, and tasks related to psychiatric or mobility related disorders.

Dog Training for the Modern Pet Parent

Training for aggressive dogs — $225/lesson

This course is for dogs who show aggressive behavior, and dogs with an established bite history, which is to say any dog who has intentionally put teeth on skin (toward people or animals) intentionally to assert a boundary or respond to discomfort. A bite does not have to result in an injury that needs medical attention to qualify. This does not include puppy mouthing (even if that extends into adulthood), or accidental bites that occurs during vigorous play. If you are unsure if your dog fits this category, feel free to send us a message to get clarification. 

Please refer to this bite scale for additional information about what is or is not a bite in this context. This lesson track is for dogs who have shown levels 2-6, or dogs who have frequent level 1 incidents

All lessons include the following at no additional charge: 

A custom training plan in your email designed with your specific lifestyle and goals in mind, including step-by-step instructions for new skills. Don't even worry about taking notes!

Access to text support-line during business hours for help on those "not enough for a lesson" questions that just can't wait.

Access to tutorial videos to demonstrate skills or techniques as needed to help illustrate a concept.

Accessibility Features: 

Compassionate Canine understands that there is no "one size fits all" way to meet everyone's needs. With that in mind, we have created some additional accessibility options, just ask! 

Currently, we can provide: 

Verbatim transcripts for training videos, including sound descriptions

Scholarships available to mitigate financial hardship. Apply for a scholarship here


Alternate meeting formats


Meeting reminders


Loaner gear including muzzles, long lines, and kennels

A shepherd-type dog stands sillohuetted against a cloudy sunset. Her head points toward the left of the frame
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