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This durable target stick extends up to 36" long, featuring a clicker attached conveniently to the handle. The lightwight design comes in a small or large foam target. 


Telescoping Target Stick

  • Small target: 

    - only comes in blue 

    - measures 1.25" in diameter

    - best for small dogs, cats, and other small animals 


    Large target: 

    - comes in orange, yellow, blue, and green

    - measures 2.25" in diameter

    - ideal for medium and large dogs, horses, and other large animal learners

    Target sticks usually ship within 7 business days from time of purchase. Please ensure the best durability of your target stick by trying to keep it dry, storing it out of direct sunlight, and cleaning off the foam tip if it becomes soiled with a damp, soapy paper towel. 

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